Float - Wifi Hydrometer

Continous logging of your brew's density and temperature

Free logging on my.brewbrain.nl

Float hydrometer and thermometer

Track your fermentation activity, temperature and SG to brew better beers!
The Float connects to your wifi network and stores all the data in your free personal My Brewbrain account.
Become an expert brewer, just drop your Float in your fermenter and start analyzing your brews!


  • Free online cloud logging (my.brewbrain.nl)
  • Wifi based density sensor, no need for extra hardware
  • Includes temperature sensor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Food-grade housing
  • Made in The Netherlands
Full specification in downloads


The Float integrates with multiple external platforms, all for free. This allows you to view your logging data on multiple platforms. Instructions can be found here

Current partners:

Brewfather App:

Grainfather Connect:

How it works

  1. Turn on and register your float
  2. Drop it in your brew
  3. Your data is visible on my.brewbrain.nl

Where to buy?

The Netherlands Brouwstore Unibrew Brouwmaatje
Spain El secreto del cerveza La tienda del cervecero
Germany Amihopfen Brauen.de
France Autobrasseur Microbrasseur
Finland Lappo Panimonurkka
Norway Olbrygging Beergear
United Kingdom Brewstore