(Room) temperature data logging

Recently Brewbrain delivered a protoype of a My Brewbrain connected temperature data logger to a user.

As one of our customer was looking into monitoring the temperature of his brewhouse to get a better uderstanding of the impact on his fermenters he contacted us about his idea.
Brewbrain developed the small WiFi connected hub with a onboard temperature and humidity sensor. Next to that up to 3 temperature probes with 5 meter silicone cable are delivered with the system to measure at different positions on the same time.

The data is presented on the free My Brewbrain platform in the same user friendly interface users are used to with the Float Hydrometer.
Check out the readings of the system to get an impression.

Are you interested in buying or reselling this product or are you in need for another smart product that will make your brewing-life easier?

Contact us at sales@brewbrain.nl for details.