New temperature units and SG units on My Brewbrain.

To serve our brewing friends all over the world we developed a new set of temperature units and SG units to present your data in your personal My Brewbrain user account.

From now on you can configure your temperature data and specific gravity data from your user panel! Just click the gear in the left lower corner and check out the custom settings menu. When you select one of the units, a green check mark will appear and you are good to go! Easy!

The available temperature units are Fahrenheit [°F], Celcius [°C] and Kelvin [K]. For SG units, Oechsle [°Oe], Plato [°P], SG [-], Brix [Br] and Klosterneuburger Mostwaage [KMW/Babo] are available.

If you are in need of any other units, please let us know at!

Happy brewing!