Cider fermentation with Float

Last month Brewbrain delivered Float Hydrometers to Ad Astra, a cider company in the heart of Somerset, United Kingdom.
The vision of Ad Astra works perfectly with Brewbrain products; traditional cider making, using modern techniques.

To collect more detailed information on the variables in the different fermentations a wireless network with Floats was installed.
This makes it possible to get real time data of the fermentation activity and temperatures of the 15 fermenters!

We are looking forward to see and taste the results of this project.
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Adjust your Float’s calibration

Brewbrain developed a sophisticated adjustment tool which allows for a multi point offset correction related to the factory calibration. This keeps the original characteristics of the intrument, while the offset gives the opportunity to fine tune the readings.

With an easy to use interface users can now adjust the calibration to meet hydrometer or refractometer readings of their Floats for Free!

To make this possible we developed a brand new firmware for your Float, which can be remotely updated by WiFi. Check out your “My Floats” menu, apply the new firmware and switch to “measure”. Easy!

After 15 minutes switch to “setup” and you will be able to acces the maintenance menu to start calibrating your product.

Check out our manual on re-calibration here!

Brewbrain invested a lot of time and effort to optimise the calibration process in order to deliver the Float calibrated from factory. Being interested in brewing and technical solutions Brewbrain is still developing new methods and improvements to give our clients the best possible user experience and product accuracy.

Float readings can differ from your Glass Hydrometer because of a lot of phenomena in your brew. There can also be changes of the calibration accuracy because of temperature stress and bumping the Float.

With the new calibration adjustment it is possible to match the readings of your hydrometer or refractometer!

Happy brewing!


(Room) temperature data logging

Recently Brewbrain delivered a protoype of a My Brewbrain connected temperature data logger to a user.

As one of our customer was looking into monitoring the temperature of his brewhouse to get a better uderstanding of the impact on his fermenters he contacted us about his idea.
Brewbrain developed the small WiFi connected hub with a onboard temperature and humidity sensor. Next to that up to 3 temperature probes with 5 meter silicone cable are delivered with the system to measure at different positions on the same time.

The data is presented on the free My Brewbrain platform in the same user friendly interface users are used to with the Float Hydrometer.
Check out the readings of the system to get an impression.

Are you interested in buying or reselling this product or are you in need for another smart product that will make your brewing-life easier?

Contact us at for details.



New temperature units and SG units on My Brewbrain.

To serve our brewing friends all over the world we developed a new set of temperature units and SG units to present your data in your personal My Brewbrain user account.

From now on you can configure your temperature data and specific gravity data from your user panel! Just click the gear in the left lower corner and check out the custom settings menu. When you select one of the units, a green check mark will appear and you are good to go! Easy!

The available temperature units are Fahrenheit [°F], Celcius [°C] and Kelvin [K]. For SG units, Oechsle [°Oe], Plato [°P], SG [-], Brix [Br] and Klosterneuburger Mostwaage [KMW/Babo] are available.

If you are in need of any other units, please let us know at!

Happy brewing!


How to get the My Brewbrain app.

An app will help you to have easy acces to all your brewing data online. With the new My Brewbrain platform we started working on an app as well. We are in the process of getting the app available in the App Store and Google Play Store. In the meanwhile you can create your own app following this How-To instruction.


• Browse to

• Log in and select “Stay signed in” if desired

• Tap “menu button” (three dots in the upper right corner)

• Scroll down until you find “Install app”. If this is not available, scroll to “Add to homescreen”.

• Tap “Install app” (or “Add to homescreen”)

You’re done! Check out your homescreen to find the My Brewbrain icon.



• Browse to

• Log in and select “Stay signed in” if desired

• Tap the “Share button” (upward pointing arrow coming out of a box)

• Scroll down to “Add to homescreen”

• Tap “Add to homescreen”


You’re done! Check out your list of apps to find the My Brewbrain icon.

Happy brewing!