Adjust your Float’s calibration

Brewbrain developed a sophisticated adjustment tool which allows for a multi point offset correction related to the factory calibration. This keeps the original characteristics of the intrument, while the offset gives the opportunity to fine tune the readings.

With an easy to use interface users can now adjust the calibration to meet hydrometer or refractometer readings of their Floats for Free!

To make this possible we developed a brand new firmware for your Float, which can be remotely updated by WiFi. Check out your “My Floats” menu, apply the new firmware and switch to “measure”. Easy!

After 15 minutes switch to “setup” and you will be able to acces the maintenance menu to start calibrating your product.

Check out our manual on re-calibration here!

Brewbrain invested a lot of time and effort to optimise the calibration process in order to deliver the Float calibrated from factory. Being interested in brewing and technical solutions Brewbrain is still developing new methods and improvements to give our clients the best possible user experience and product accuracy.

Float readings can differ from your Glass Hydrometer because of a lot of phenomena in your brew. There can also be changes of the calibration accuracy because of temperature stress and bumping the Float.

With the new calibration adjustment it is possible to match the readings of your hydrometer or refractometer!

Happy brewing!